Health Risk Assessment

A Health Risk Assessment (HRA) consists of an online or paper health questionnaire coupled with lab work and biometrics performed onsite at the Employee Wellness Center. The HRA provides thorough evaluation of health risk factors including cholesterol, blood sugar, liver function, and blood pressure. After completion of the HRA individuals will receive a confidential, detailed, and easy-to-read report of the results. Once results are received, they can be reviewed with a “Wellness Coach” to further identify any areas of concern and create a plan of action to improve health and wellbeing. It is recommended that all employees complete the Health Risk Assessment on an annual basis.


Our Purpose

The Health Center was established to provide the employees who are enrolled in the health plans of Martin County, Martin County Sheriff's Office or City of Stuart, easy and cost-free access to the highest quality medical care for acute and chronic conditions. The Employee Health Center is available to employees, their spouses and children who are enrolled in the County’s health insurance plan.